domingo, setembro 06, 2009

Of Gods and Girls - Mr. J. Medeiros

Of Gods and Girls - Mr. J. Medeiros (2006)

1. Amelie (feat. 20 syl of Hocus Pocus)
2. Silent Earth
3. Strangers
4. Constance
5. Change (feat. Strange Fruit Project and Rez of The Procussions)
6. King of Rock Bottom
7. Half a Dream (feat. Marty James of One Block Radius)
8. Keep Pace
9. Money (feat. Pigeon John and DJ Vajra)
10. Her Wings
11. Apathy
12. Call You
13. Constance
14. Silent Earth (Ohmega Watts Remix)
15. Half a Dream (Siamese sisters Remix feat. Dj destro)
16. Amelie (Mike Kilo Sentimental Remix)

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2 comentários:

wesley disse...

Loco, loco, loco esse cara!!!!!

Dalton Santos disse...

Classe A hein...

Valew, Alexandre. Abraço.